11/12 Boys Basketball Commisioner

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Welcome to Bel Air Boys Travel Program.  This letter is to introduce you our programs mission and focus, as well as answer some commonly asked questions.


Our focus is to offer a setting in which individuals can grow in talent, Basketball IQ, and more importantly their leadership and life skills.  We expect our coaches, parents and athletes all to adhere to the highest level of conduct, and sportsmanship always.  Anything less will not be tolerated and may be cause for ejection from the program.

Eligibility Rules:  Only those who have registered for our rec program are eligible to try out for the travel teams.  Anyone on the travel team (except for 7/8 travel) does not play rec.  This is due to the logistics of the travel team playing in multiple leagues, and timing does not work to compete in all.  All rec fees will be transferred to the costs towards travel for those making the travel teams. 

Age Eligibility:  League rules are age as of Sept 1st.   NO EXCEPTIONS

High School Team Players:  NO ONE playing high school basketball, whether it is private school or public will be eligible to play on our travel team.  NO EXCEPTIONS.   For those trying out for our 13+ team, if you make your high school team, a refund will be given.  Please let us know if you are planning on trying out for your HS team.  We will make a note during the try out. 

COSTS:   Range from $225 - $325 depending on number of players on a team, and # of tournaments the team enters.  All fees will be paid prior to the teams first game which is first week of December.  In addition, Bel Air rec does not allow anyone to pay outside of our online payment system, so please do not hand monies to coaches either in form of check or cash, or do not turn monies into main rec. office.  They will not accept it.  This is due to our accounting system, and audits mandated to rec. councils.   An additional fee for the uniform which is approximately $70 would apply.  (Keeping same uniforms as last year)


Bel Air Rec. has instituted a new policy for all volunteers.  Only those who have received an ID Badge from the rec. board are able to assist with practices, games, or be on the bench at any time.  Badges must always be worn during practices and games.  The board will be checking periodically for this regulation, so please understand it is not that we don’t want your help, it is that we cannot request or use your help unless you have proper ID BADGES,

Practice Schedule

This will be out shortly.  All travel teams get 2 practices during the week.  If gyms are available, they will be offered a 3rd practice. 

Leagues and Tournaments

Most of our teams will participate in 2 leagues, Either Harford Country Travel, Loyola, or Glen Arm, as well as play in a preseason tournament, and season end tournaments for their leagues.  Some may choose to play in 1-2 additional tournaments, in which this will be communicated directly to the team.

Recreation Evaluations

We hope to finalize our travel team by Sunday Night, 10/14.  However, if you have not received a phone call from your coach, whether you made or did not make the team, we need you to attend evaluations.  Reason is that the coaches evaluating recreation are not the same as the travel, and we need the evaluations to be consistent among the players in the league.  Please plan on attending evaluations this week if you do not hear from your travel coaches.  All evaluations are posted on the main Bel Air Site.

We wish you luck in the try outs this weekend and thank you for your desire to take your passion to the next step.  That desire to improve and success is an important character trait, and we are thrilled to see it in you.

See you on the courts!